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Individual, team and organizational strength is the deciding factor in today's internatinally competitive environment. SoDo Consulting works with individuals and companies to develop programs that will grow their talent pool.

Leadership Mastery

Leadership MasteryIf you'd like to maximize personal and professional potential, SoDo Consulting will work with you to create the ideal leadership training program. Learn more...

Talent Management

Talent ManagementEvery organization needs a fully developed Talent Management strategy. SoDo Consulting has the experience and tools to help you identify, properly organize, and grow your in-house talent team. Learn more...

Team Effectiveness

Team EffectivenessA team of the most talented players will never reach their potential if they can't collaborate or communicate. SoDo Consulting creates team development programs that allow your organization to work effectively together. Learn more...

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"Amy is not only a solid consultant and communicator, she is a terrific coach. She's participated with us at SeattleCoach for the past year and impressed all of us with her grace, intuition and forthrightness. Hire this woman!"

Patricia Burgin, MA, Master Certified Coach, SeattleCoach: Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Change Management and Certified Coach Training
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